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IPTV fast Support (iOS for iPhone and iPad)

fast IPTV Player Support (tvOS Apple TV)

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About IPTV fast (iOS for iPhone and iPad)

  1. It uses the same M3U and TXT playlist format as IPTV Player (Mac OSX)
  2. Support load local and remote playlist.
  1. Connecting your device to your computer.
  2. If your macOS is earlier than Catalina, Open iTunes, click file sharing find the IPTV fast, add your playlist to its file share document.
  3. If your macOS is Catalina or Big Sur or later, use Finder, you can drag your playlist to IPTV fast’s file share document.
  1. Upload your playlist the a website, get its download url.
  2. Open IPTV fast in your device, enter your playlist download url, press download.

About fast IPTV Player (tvOS Apple TV)

  1. It uses the same M3U and TXT playlist format as IPTV Player (Mac OSX)
  2. Support load remote playlist.
  3. You have to upload your M3U and TXT playlists to a website and get their download url.
  4. In fast IPTV Player, presse “URLs”, enter the download url of your playlist.
  5. Press “Channels” to get your Channels list.

The quickest way to set up your own playlist download url.


How to add channels to My Favorites or delete it?

  1. Select the channel you want to add first.
  2. Click the Menu File – and the subMenu Add Channel to My Favorites
  3. or Click the Menu File – and the subMenu Remove Channel From My Favorites.
  4. Once you add channels to My Favorites, it will show in the Playlist table.

Support multi playlists, How to remove a file from the tableview?

  1. Select the file you want delete in the Playlist TableView
  2. Click the Menu “File” (On the Top Left Corner)
  3. You will see the subMenu: Delete Playlist file
  4. Click the subMenu, the Playlist file you selected will be removed from the TableView

How it works?

1. Make your own playlist

A. Make your own TXT playlist

B. Make your own M3U playlist (format 1)

C. Make your own M3U playlist (format 2)

2. Drag your xxx.txt or xxx.m3u file to the App window or open it.

3. Relax and watch your favorite shows on your iMac.



About TXT sample playlist

About M3U sample playlist

Any questions about playlist